Sunday, February 6, 2011

Devil Inside

All of us have a demonic side to our souls and there are times when it tries to Bettye better of us. The trick is to over come the demons with the angels. Just like the 2 sides of a coin, we have 2 sides to our souls. But the sides are biased. It is not a fair fight. The demonic side always tries to be on top of the angelic side. We can control our demons, but more often than not we choose to let it go. We give in to our temptations and forget about the after effects.
The devil is alive and well in this world today. We, humans create our own hell as the devil is inside each of us.
As they say "a moment of madness and a lifetime of regret."
It is that devil which surfaces in that moment of madness. The rape case on Shiney Ahuja was a classic example.
We at each our own devil and we make this world our hell.
Believe in yourself but don't trust the Devil Inside you.


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