Friday, September 16, 2011

Love- As you call it..!!

"Love makes the world go round. Big deal! Whisky makes it go round twice as fast." -Compton Mackenzie.
Wherever you go, you are highly likely to encounter "couples" or "love birds", as some may prefer this synonym.
Be it classrooms, workplaces, malls, flea markets, roadsides, bushes, et al. The possibilities are endless. I think I missed the coffee shops.  Actually that is what this story is all about.
Just spare a moment and look at these love-lorn insects. When you spot them together, they have the most serious expressions on their faces, as if they're debating  the global economic meltdown, or the Libyan Civil War. Actually, their discussions are more on the lines of, "are UFOs real?"
What?? This is a very serious issue. Last week, a popular news channel showed that  aliens are abducting buffaloes because they want us to release their Mayawati.
That's just ridiculous..!! You can't trade Mayawati for buffaloes. Maybe a hippopotamus!
Coming back to focus now. I wanna share an incident that happened with me very recently. In fact, it was so recent that I feel its happening right now.
While waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, I had the opportunity to observe a couple. Ok, I'll be modest. I just overheard their conversation. Not that I had any other option. The place was empty, the television was not working and they were so freakin' loud. A cute looking couple otherwise. One of them sported a wolverine-like beard, and the guy had really long hair. Wait a sec...ah, whatever! The conversation is given below and I feel its only fair to let you know that the names have been changed, because I didn't catch their original names!
I've written what they said in plain text and in brackets; what they probably meant.
Sushant: I know that you're going around with someone else. (Even if you're not, I am)
Nidhi: That is so not true. (I mean, not just with one)
Sushant: Then who was that guy, I overheard in the background while talking to you on the phone last night (While I was driving to my new girlfriend's place)
Nidhi: He was my cousin. (HA, you wish)
Sushant: I don't know where has the love gone. (Actually I do. I'll throw you out of the window and sing, 'love is in the air')
Nidhi: Look into my eyes. What do you see? (Dare you talk about my dark circles)
Sushant: I don't know. (2 brown circles with big black dots in the center)
Nidhi: Please don't leave me, ever. (Who'll get my recharge done?)
Sushant: Ok. Now you swear by me that you're not dating Ashish {this name has not been changed}.
Nidhi: Of course not. He's like a brother to me.
At this exact moment I turned to look at them, and saw that she had her hand behind her back and the middle finger was over-lapping her index finger.
I wonder what that means...!!


  1. Great one... Specially the end of the conversation... :)tion... :)

  2. hahahaha. nice! entertaining. though this seems like emotional attacher. :P

  3. Lolzz.... it was toooo amazing,,... specially the "Mayawati" thing and "driving to NEW girlfriend's place"..... Good Job.... ;)


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